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03 Jan 2015
Twitter emphasises the number of followers you've got. Emblazoned on your Twitter profile may be the variety of times you've Tweeted, the amount of people you follow and the amount of people following you. It is just like some badge of honour, as if raw numbers mean something important.
How To Get Twitter Followers

Needless to say, the amount of followers you've is essentially unimportant. You might have one million followers, however, if do not require connect to you, if not one of them do anything whatsoever as a result of your Tweets or maybe not one of them buy anything in case you are in business, is there a point? But you may have just 10 followers who all interacted and who all were loyal customers.

Nevertheless, folks are keen to obtain more followers - since the whole Twitter set up emphasises the matter. People feel somewhat undervalued if their friends have more followers compared to what they can muster. Equally, business owners enter into competitive situations, hoping to get more followers than their rivals.
get more twitter followers
There is lots of myth on how to have more followers, as well as some cranky, underhand techniques which enhance your follower number, but hardly anything else. Now, the first time, a long-term study has looked over the development of Twitter followers over time in than 500 users and 500,000 Tweets.

The study confirms which you gain followers when - surprise, surprise - you might be social. You heard right, hold conversations, talk with people and you also instantly appear more interesting and therefore more prone to be followed.

The study also demonstrates three things you must AVOID if you wish to gain followers.

Avoid the crooks to gain Twitter followers

 Surprising as it might seem, hashtags are negative influencers of follower growth - specifically if you utilize them for the sake of them, or you rely on them excessively
 Twitter is usually full of negative things, like complaints or criticism. But negativity makes you less appealing to others, so you won't increase your follower count
 Self focus
 Talk about yourself a great deal and people don't want to follow you

Do the crooks to get more Twitter followers

 If you have lots of @replies within your Twitter stream, you gain more followers
 Be useful
 Provide useful information that features a Hyperlink to original content. This really is significant as it encourages "retweeting" also is associated with increased follower counts.
 Show your local area
 People like to follow people nearby. Whenever you show your local area, you get more followers


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